Get Involved

The Al-Sady lab is always looking to mentor trainees beyond our graduate students and postdocs. We are excited to host undergrads as part of the UCSF SRTP program or High School students are part of the Science and Health Education Partnership program. We are also keen to be a host lab for a 1-2 Post Bac program for students from underserved communities- the UCSF PROPEL program. We also engage in teaching and community outreach and encourage all of our trainees to do join us in this effort. We are launching a teaching effort with UCSF trainees and the University of San Francisco (USF), to teach concepts of single cell biology and biophysics. This effort is funded by the National Science Foundation. We have an informal mentoring relationship with labs at UC Merced, matching students form the Al-Sady lab to undergraduates in labs to help them navigate next careers steps and paths to graduate school. In the lab, we run a workshop program where trainees teach each other about key concepts in biophysics, biochemistry, genetics, genomics, and systems biology. The workshop program has been running since 2016. Teaching each other is the best way to fully learn something. Notes of our prior workshops can be found here:

The Al-Sady lab co-runs the Bay Area Chromatin Club that brings together labs from UCSF, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz and UC Merced. We also plan to host an onsite event. Check here for registration and updates: